November 25th 2013

desire-never-ending asked: This blog is absolutely brilliant!


November 24th 2013

Stream of …
Like Us also on Facebook.


Stream of …

Like Us also on Facebook.

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November 21st 2013

My witty, psychology band names:



  1. Freud and the Slips
  2. The Piaget Kids
  3. Erik’s Ego
  4. Skinner Behavior Mods
  5. Carl and the Dreams
  6. Jame’s Principals
  7. The Pavlov Condition (formally Pavlov and the Pups)
  8. The Lewin, Lippitt, and White Project 
  9. The Bandura Dolls

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November 11th 2013

November 10th 2013

Sense of self

Psychologist say we adolescence develop a feeling of sense of self. I agree we do develop a feeling of “SOS”

November 10th 2013
PsyD or Bust: PsyD or Bust's 1000 Follower Challenge!


The one year anniversary of the PsyD or Bust blog is coming up on December 28! That calls for a celebration!

I have been so incredibly humbled by the amazing response I’ve received from the Tumblr community. I never expected that so many people would relate to these random thoughts that occur to…

November 09th 2013

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November 08th 2013

Google celebrates Rorschach’s birthday with social inkblot test


November 04th 2013

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October 30th 2013

traumatherapist asked: I love the jokes! Can you add my blog too? I'm a licensed clinician sharing information about PTSD and recovery from trauma for survivors, clinicians and students. -Traumatherapist


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