October 07th 2013

October 05th 2013

October 05th 2013

welcometomentalward said: hi, noticed your note about submitting psychology blogs. I have one - welcometomentalward at tumblr :) btw great jokes you got guys, keep it up xx

Hi, I’ve added you to the Other psych blogs page! 


October 05th 2013

thewonderstrucklove said: Could you maybe check out my psych blog and add it to your list? No worries if not! URL is psychmajors . tumblr :) Thanks! xx

Yes! Sorry for taking so long, but you’re now added to the page! 

October 05th 2013

freudianpsych said: Can you shout out my blog :3 it's a psych blog

YES! Sorry, for taking so long to do this! 

Check out: freudianpsych.tumblr guys! 

P.S. freudianpsych.tumblr is also now listed on the other psychology blogs page

October 01st 2013

I’m not always a Freudian…


I’m not always a Freudian…

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September 30th 2013

September 29th 2013

me when I have to read Freud

September 28th 2013

When a TV “psychologist” doesn’t mention the limits of confidentiality


Just one on a long list of terrible misrepresentations of our profession in the media

September 24th 2013

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